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How to cheat an Online Gambling slot machine?



If you think of cheating a casino, you’re not the first one. People have tried to cheat slot machines for ages. Nowadays there are lots of informative sites with various guides and tips on how to cheat a slot machine. But the thing is all that information is half truthful. Rarely will they tell you that’s it’s rather impossible to cheat a slot machine gaming online.


Such tips have been popular since first slot machines were invented. You can read out that for being ahead a casino you need an inside cheater, that will somehow help you. However, there are security cameras that will catch you cheating and you may end up paying a fine or being arrested. Is that what you want?


It’s quite logically impossible to cheat a slot machine, since you can’t apply any specific strategy. Those numbers shown on the screen are generated by a special generator at random. There is no any counting scheme. Slot machines is obviously a game of luck.


Slot machine cheaters seem to follow the saying: if at first you don’t succeed, try try try again. That’s what they do – keep trying, which leads to particularly nothing. Perhaps, you might be very lucky and win with your cheating strategy at a land-based casino. But it’s absolutely impossible to carry through at an online casino.



What type of slot machines is for you?


Slot machines weren’t that popular at the beginning. That kind of machines was invented in USA in the second half of 1800. They began to gain more and more popularity and today there is a burst of slot machine gaming. Wherever you are – at a land-based casino or at an online casino – you’ll find a huge choice of slot machines of different types – straight, progressive, 5 reel machines, 3 reels machines etc. Why do casinos offer the wide range of these particular machines? Because not only experienced players visit casinos. Beginners go to casinos in order to try their luck and practice some gambling skills. And most often they head for slot machines because the game does not require any specific skills.


There are two types of Online Gambling slot machines – straight and progressive. What kind of machines do you prefer? In fact, there is a big and significant difference between these two kinds. A progressive slot machine gives you more opportunities to hit a jackpot, since the payout is not fixed, it gets more and more with  every time players throw coins into the machine and start it. A straight slot machine has a setup jackpot that is never changed.


That’s up to you what type of slot machines to choose. If you haven’t decided yet, you can join some online casino and play slot machines for free.


Online Slot machines – something you should know


In almost every casino you can find two types of Slot machines: straight and progressive. They have much in common but the point is that at straight Slots a player is paid a fixed amount whereas in the second version the jackpot gets bigger and bigger each time a new coin is played.


You can tell progressive slot machines from the straight ones by electronic payoff signs blinking above the machine.


There are various types of slot machines found either at land-based casinos or at online ones.

But whatever your choice is you will face a lot of features at Slots. There are slots with different amount of reels (three and five reels), coins involved in the game and different percentage of a payoff.


A common straight slot machine consists of three reels, but those with four and five reels can also be found in casinos. The amount of reels influences your winning odds – the more reels a machines has the more pains it will take you to win the jackpot.


An average slot machine accepts two or three coins maximum. However some modern machines allow players to throw up to 100 coins at a time.


The symbols shown on the screen are generated by the Random Number Generator, that operates the slot machine. The name answers the question “Is Slot machines a game of luck?”. All your winnings solely depend on luck.



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