Do you seem to be getting behind in your bills? Is your situation same that older country song, “There’s Too Much Month at the End of the Money?” Here are whatever structure to help you intend up soured life’s business mat and backwards on the road to prosperity.

Get rid of the gas-guzzler

If you drive 20,000 miles a year and the price of pedal is $2.50 per gallon, you module clear $5,000 a year or $416 a period for gas, if your automobile gets 10 miles a gallon. At 40 miles a congius you module be stipendiary most $100 a month.

A newborn automobile may spend you money in many structure nonnegative you’ll be action over $300 a period in pedal charges and you can, probably, find a newborn automobile whose commercialism is $200 a month. So, you module be action most $100 a period with a newborn car. If you are making payments on the underway gas-guzzler, you module spend that such more.

Pay soured your assign cards

If there is any artefact you crapper clear your assign cards, do it. By making the monthly payments only, you module never clear your assign game soured in full. Even if you hit to refinance your house to do it, if you are serious most disagreeable to equilibrise your budget, clear soured your assign game and never use one again!

Pay bills on time

Late charges are business killers. I undergo people who clear $300 a period in New charges. Pay on happening no concern what you hit to do to do it. When you clear New charges you are getting deeper into a hole. There is more most this subject below.

Give up one extra coffee

Maybe you are not a drink drinker but this warning shows you …

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Most of the time, if you’ve got a made hand in poker (for example, JT in hold’em and the flop comes JT3), you will bet your hand. If you’re drawing (let’s say you have Q9 against the same board), you may very well decide to check. In fact, checking and calling is the natural thing to do when you have a drawing hand. However, this isn’t always automatic. In limit poker, you’re going to have to bet your draws as well as your made hands sometimes to avoid becoming too predictable. Betting a draw on the flop (or even the turn) is sometimes referred to as semi-bluffing. That is: you would like everybody to fold since you don’t have anything yet, but if you get called you might win the pot anyway by making your hand.

Some people (especially rocks or weak-tight Sbobet Indonesia players) don’t like it when players bet their draws aggressively. They will make remarks like: “Why did you bet? You had nothing yet”. In the game I like best (pot-limit Omaha) you will never hear comments like this. In this game, the big draw is often king; draws are often favorite over made hands on the flop. Drawing hands can and should therefore often be played aggressively. Now, let’s take a look at how to play drawing hands in three of the most popular poker games: limit hold’em, limit stud and pot-limit Omaha.

Draws in limit hold’em.

You may have heard limit hold’em is no drawing game. This is true to a large degree, because it’s harder to draw out in hold’em than in any other game. Most of all, this means hold’em is a kicker game: if you’ve got AK, there’s an ace on the board and your opponent is playing a bad ace, you …

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Japan and their coach Zico rejoiced after a 76th minute strike from supersub Masashi Oguro earned them their first points in the tournament and dispatched the European Champions in the process.


The Japanese elation was an exact mirror to the gloom surrounding the now rather mediocre looking Greeks, who seem unworthy to be considered champions of Europe with abject performances like today’s.


It seemed as if Otto Rehagel or ‘Rehakles’ as he is called, had taken Zico’s admission that his side struggle with high balls all too seriously as the Greeks played ‘hit and hope’ all evening, pumping aerial ball after aerial ball to almost no discernible effect. That they had no back-up when their system clearly was in need of changing sits curiously at odds with the tactical nous of Rehagel that was widely admired as the brains behind Greece’s remarkable poaching of the Henri Delaunay trophy in Lisbon last summer.


In contrast Japan were a good advert for football. They used the width of the field to great effect and passed fluently and elgantly along the deck with Hidetoshi Nakata’s elegant approach play once more a delight to behold. Like Greece, Japan lack a group of talented individuals but the sum of their parts has produced an elegant teamplay that fuses tactical awareness and the importance of keeping one’s shape with skilful close control and brisk one-touch passing.


Greece had tried to take advantage of Japan’s traditional shortcoming, the lack of physical presence, in the opening exchanges but soon the Asian champions’ slick counter-attacking game was bypassing the Europeans’ brawn.


Japanese muscles were first flexed after eight minutes when Keiji Tamada fired wide with Shunsuke Nakamura unmarked and then five minutes later when Mitsuo Ogasawara almost lobbed Antonios Nikopolidis …

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DEPOSIT 24 JAM ?? ya tentu kita pasti mau mencari Situs Judi Online yang memiliki perlayanan paling memuaskan .

Perlayanan deposit misalnya,pasti kita juga tidak bisa tau kapan harus deposit lagi .

Terkadang kita sudah main dan terlanjur lagi sor ( keenakan ) tapi tiba2 kalah dan mau isi saldo tidak di kasi karena bank offline.


Pasti kesal dong klo terjadi hal seperti itu ,maka dari itu kita sebagai pemain membutuhkan perlayanan yang 24 jam untuk deposit.

Tidak hanya deposit ,WD ( tarik dana ) juga harus nya di berikan perlayanan 24 jam.

Kita juga tidak tau kapan butuh dana mendesak kan ,maka dari itu WD 24 jam juga sangat penting loh.


Situs Judi Online yang memiliki pelayanan Deposit 24 Jam pasti akan menjadi situs judi populer di banding dengan situs judi lain nya.

Ini adalah Daftar beberapa Situs Poker yang bisa proses dana dalam 24 jam .



Pertama MemberQQ ,MemberQQ memang menjadi Situs Poker Online Togel Singapore  pertama yang berani memproses dana saat jam offline.

Proses dana di jam offline tidak dapat di lakukan oleh situs poker lain .

Beberapa situs poker lain tidak akan mau proses dana saat jam offline bahkan biar kita adak bukti transfer nya .


Proses di jam offline Situs Poker memberQQ juga sangat cepat hanya dalam hitungan detik juga sudah selesai di proses tanpa meminta bukti transfer lagi.

MemberQQ memang sudah tidak perlu di ragukan lagi kualitas perlayanan nya .

Dari segi permainan nya juga memang MemberQQ yang terbaik.





PlayerQQ ,ya PlayerQQ juga adalah BandarQ Online yang berani proses dana yang di transfer saat bank sedang offline.

PlayerQQ adalah Situs BandarQ yang memang sudah terkenal dengan situs …

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On May 12th, 2008 in the Sichuan province of China a large earthquake hit that has killed nearly 70,000, injured nearly 375,000, and left at least 5 million people homeless. It is obvious by looking at those staggering numbers that people in China need as much help as they can get. You can do some good and assist them in getting through these difficult times just by playing online backgammon.

The online casino websites Toto HK are going to match $5 for every $1 donated from 1 months worth of tournament buy ins ranging from $4.50 to $200. They will offer special tournaments in which all of the money goes to directly to UNICEF to assist young children affected by the earthquake.

No matter where you live or what time of day it is all you have to do is sign up if you are not a member or log in if you are a current member and participate. They will be doing this for the entire month.

On other thing that must be pointed out is that these online casinos have more than just backgammon games. They also have blackjack games, poker games, and a game called perudo, so you can still help children in China even if you do not know how to play backgammon.

So if you have been itching to lend a hand to people in China you can do it today just by playing the same games you have probably been playing online for years.

If you are a person that likes to play Online Casino Games than you must find an online casino review website that you can trust. There are thousands of casinos online and you don’t want to waste time visiting 15 casinos only to find out they have tiny deposit …

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For the first time, annual gambling losses on เเทงหวยออนไลน์ machines in South Australia have reached $800 million. Of these losses, it is said that almost $340 million a year, can be attributed to problem gamblers. The average anuual loss per machine, based on an average number of 15,690 machines used in the state; can be pegged at $50,994. The office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner states that for the financial year 2004-05, poker contributed $298 million into the state governemnt treasury. Due to this growth in revenue, the tax in 2004-05 will rise up to $307.4 million. According to statistics, South Australian gamblers lost $197.5 million, $190.2 million, $177.3 million and $184.1 million respectively, in the four quarters during 2004-05. Gambling Minister Michael Wright said that the Government had followed the recommendations of the Independent Gambling Authority, in order to curb poker machines. He stated that the Government wanted the revenue to go down and was taking stringent measures to do so. The Advertiser reports:

No Pokies MLC Nick Xenophon, however, said the figures showed the Government had to go back to the drawing board. “The harm minimization measures are not working”, he said. Read More:

Four New Poker Video Games to be Released this Fall

There is an all time boom in the gaming and poker industry. Vying with each other are four poker video games which which will be released this fall. Stacked, WPT 2K6, World Championship Poker2 and World Series of Poker will be the new entrants in the video game market. All these games seem to have certain common features. For instance, in each of them there are career modes and the player begins by making an avtar, with all the poker gear, a bankroll etc. and climbs up the success ladder – reaching …

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If a group of Iowa State Congressmen gets its way, gaming sites and FTR members won’t be the only ones making money from online situs slot deposit pulsa .

If passed, the Congressmen’s plan would make Iowa the first state in the nation to allow and regulate in-state online poker and sports betting — bringing an estimated $11.5 million per year to the state in the process.

The plan would allow any casino in Iowa to create an online poker network that players could access from a home computer. As a regulation measure, the players would be required to physically go to a casino to open an account or make a deposit, but are not required to stay at the casino to play.

The proposal is described as a rational response to the popularity of out-of-country gambling sites, which take millions of dollars out of the state every year. Rep. Doug Struyk, R-Council Bluffs, said that the plan would not cause people to spend more money on poker because “these dollars are already going offshore.”

Another proponent of the plan, Brian Quirk, D-New Hampton, said “look, either we’re a gambling state, or we’re not, and with 17 casinos, I’d say we’re a gambling state.” Quirk urged fellow congressmen to approve the plan rather than continue to allow Iowans to send money out of the country.

The proposal may get a hearing in the Souse State Government Committee as early as next week. If a bill eventually passes the legislature, Iowa’s proposed regulations could set an example for other gambling states, and perhaps even the federal government.Tiger Woods Rejects $75 Million Paddy Power Offer

Despite recently losing millions of dollars in sponsorships, Tiger Woods has rejected a $75 million bid by

Paddy Power, a gambling, sports betting and poker …

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Okay, so you’ve convinced yourself the sbobet casino has not given you the old bait and switch. You’ve decided you’re perfectly fine with premature de-stackulation. Well, give yourself one more chance to open your eyes and take in the blindness.

Look at the blinds. We know how often they go up, but how much do they go up at each level? Do you start at 50/100, then to 100/200, then 200/400, then 400/800? If so, you’re staring at a horrible structure. Of course the size of your starting stack (coming in just a moment) has a lot to do with this, but a good rule is: If it’s double every time, it’s trouble every time.

Now, of course, no one expects a one-day tournament to have a great structure. To finish the tournament in a idman Azərbaycan reasonable amount of time, the structure has to move along faster than structures like those of, say, the World Series of Poker. But, you’d always be keen to find a one-day structure that goes a little like this:

2500-3000 chips







After that, in a good one-day tournament, you’ll likely start to see the doubling start. It has to move along sometime. However, with the above structure, you’ll be able to play a little poker for a couple hours. Given, this structure will take more than a few hours to finish. But that’s what you want, isn’t it? Like being in bed with a woman, it’s better to last for several hours than being stacked off in forty minutes.


Finally, as mentioned above, you’ll want to start with a decent stack of chips. I know a lot of people who cringe when we say, “Okay, everybody starts with 150 in chips.” They will complain, “Come on, man, …

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The bad guys had a man on third and he looked surly. He looked jumpy. The scoredboard had a giant zero in the “outs” column and the baserunner on the hot corner looked ready to exploit someone.

When the ball exploded off the bat in a parabola of sure doom, the baserunner saw what I didn’t. He knew the ball wouldn’t make it over the fence. The slot hoki guy slipped back onto the bag and waited. This is where he would exploit someone. He’d exploit the centerfielder’s weak arm.

From our spot behind home, we couldn’t hear the ball hit the leather glove in centerfield, but we did hear the slight huff of the baserunner’s breath as he broke from his spot on third base.

I watched as the centerfielder summoned some sort of masculinity from his jock strap and put the ball on a frozen-rope bee-line for home plate.

As the ball crossed over the second baseman’s head, I screamed, “He’s got’em!”

I stood, nearly spilling my beer, and waited for the inevitability.

The bad guy slid into the catchers glove, the same glove that held the ball that milliseconds before had been more than 300 feet away.

“Hwah!” I joined the small crowd in cheering the first exciting thing that had happened in four innings. Then I looked down at my sleeping kid. He didn’t stir from his kid-coma.

“That’s alright, kid,” I thought. “I’ll tell ya about it someday.”


A few days ago, I took my kid to his first ball game. It was minor league ball. It was a team that is leaving town to go to, of all places, Mississippi. But it was a ballgame.

What’s more, it was a moment. And I like moments. I live for them, for, often, they …

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We all know that aging is a natural biological process that affects all of us. The aging of your skin is also greatly affected by external factors that accelerate this process; particularly smoking. Exposing our skin over many years to sunshine will give the skin an old wrinkled, blotchy look. Drinking too much alcohol over many years may also give you an older appearance. A study showed that the appearance of precancerous sunspots may be influenced by your diet. A low fat diet (also certain vegetables, legumes and olive oil) has been shown effective in reducing the number of sunspots (Actinic Keratosis), while a diet high in meat and dairy, might increase their number. (For more information on A.K, visit Skin Cancer Guide)

Cigarette smoking, known to cause lung cancer and encourages heart disease, also has significant aging effects on your skin and hair.


Increases wrinkles, especially if you are a woman

Can make your complexion red or orange

Can produce pale or yellowish skin in places

Causes puffiness

Don’t forget the stains that create those “yellow fingers”

Brings about premature aging of your skin

Causes gray hair

Results in thinning hair, more pronounced in men but also seen in women

Slows wound healing

Increases your risk of squamous cell cancer.




Affects women more than men

Especially increases wrinkles around the mouth

Has a greater affect on white versus dark skin

Increases if you have smoked for more than 15 years

Increases if you smoke more than ½ a pack a day


Smoking causes drying of the surface of the skin as nicotine is a diuretic

It reduces the vitamin A levels in the skin…

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to properly use SEO to make your website visible online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing discipline geared towards improving visibility in non-paid search engine results. It embraces the creative and the technical aspects needed to achieve better rankings, attract traffic, and improve awareness in search engines.

There are different factors that affect the search rankings, from the content you post in the page to the way other websites add link to you. To put it simply, SEO is a set of strategies to make certain that your website is developed in a way that search engines can easily understand. However, SEO is not all about creating websites that are friendly for the search engines. It is also about making sure that the website is friendly for real people too. If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agency UK


This book is founded on the principle that websites should be friendly to robots and humans alike.

It is designed to give you the basics of all important aspects of SEO – from identifying the right keywords that drive traffic back to your website, to ensuring that your website is user friendly, to building links, and using the power of digital platforms to market the unique value of your website.

If you are a beginner, you might be confused at this point. Don’t worry. This book is written for you.

The SEO world can be very complicated, and it is fast-changing. That is why you need to learn the basics, and continue educating yourself so you can use this tool effectively to position your website. Learning the basics of SEO can make a big difference!

After downloading this book you will learn…

Chapter 1 – …

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The 2009 World Championship of Online Poker is on the cusp of its final weekend. Although all roads lead to the $5,000 Main Event, the action is still fierce in the preliminary tournaments. No more so than in Event #36, a $500 + $30 No Limit Hold ‘em 6-max tournament with rebuys. This lengthy event attracted only 1,030 entrants but still took nearly 16 hours to complete.

That was no doubt thanks to the 1000 rebuys and 722 add-ons these players contributed. The cash influx boosted the prize pool to a total of $1,376,000, easily covering the $1 million guarantee PokerStars had laid on for the event. The lengthy running time was also aided by the quality of the field. Masses of well known pros turned up for the event and, unlike many previous tournaments, put on a strong performance.

Among those notable names who made the money were: Hevad Khan (145th), James “” Mackey (149th), Jason “JasonGray” Gray (134th), Humberto Brenes (97th), Adam “Roothlus” Levy (78th), Sorel Mizzi (74th), Dan “Wretchy” Martin (41st), Cory “UGOTPZD” Carroll (32nd), Jason Mercier (26th), and Shaun Deeb (21st). The highest finishing pro of all was a Team PokerStars Pro member. Argentinean Leo Fernandez ended his run in 17th place for $11,558.40. Leo is a highly skilled chess player and, since taking up poker in 2004, has recorded 3 WSOP cashes – including a Main Event money finish.

Further along at the final table, the chip counts looked like this:

Seat 1: VLs85s (4,364,672 in chips)

Seat 2: djalminha (1,330,034 in chips)

Seat 3: GtRealGtOut (7,037,219 in chips)

Seat 4: Astrolux85 (5,670,990 in chips)

Seat 5: oncommand (2,111,695 in chips)

Seat 6: supadphat (1,930,390 in chips)

Shortly after the final table started, djalminha and oncommand got all their chips in before the flop. …

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Welcome to another keluar sgp Leaderboard update. Last week we announced the monthly leaderboard winners for July, and so this week we will start fresh and I will tell you about the current leaders for August. If you want to see what we’re playing for, please click here for the first Bodog Leaderboard article ever written. If you want to see complete standings for the leaderboards from today, please click here.


First of all, here are the weekly leaderboard winners from last week:


  1. mr_dynomite – 2155 pts
  2. Killa_Tyven – 1956 pts
  3. cusee – 1724 pts


If you remember the standings when I wrote this article last week, you’ll see that mr_dynomite was able to hang on to his spot in first place and win the chance to play a Bodog pro for $1,000. This is his second weekly leaderboard win in the last six weeks. ParliGod fell out of second place and ended up in fifth when it was all said and done. Killa_Tyven took ParliGod’s place in second, and cusee moved up seven places from last week to take third place.


Here are the current weekly standings:


  1. vinnyb9 – 1835 pts
  2. deadmoney627 – 1488 pts
  3. king silas – 1482 pts
  4. Killa_Tyven – 1346 pts
  5. thatsNice – 1323 pts
  6. manderbutt – 1290 pts
  7. grewsum2sum – 1047 pts
  8. ParliGod – 946 pts
  9. whatever877 – 899 pts
  10. rm81 – 883 pts


vinnyb9 sits in first place with 1835 points, a healthy 347 points ahead of second place deadmoney627. vinnyb9 has been in the top ten quite a few times since I started writing about the Bodog Leaderboards, but he hasn’t won for the week or for the month yet. Perhaps he will win it all for this week! There’s a bunch more familiar names up …

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