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I love freelancing. I love everything about freelancing. The best thing about freelancing? FREEDOM! My life is changed when I started freelancing and I love the changes!

Here’s how freelancing has changed my life, so far:

Time Management

I think this is the most important aspect of all. I can manage time better when I get to control my own working hours. I get to spend more time for myself every day! I barely get to see daylight 10 years ago (being stuck in a shopping mall working as a retail assistant). Now I get to spend more time outdoor, either at beautiful parks or enjoy delicious coffee(s)* at coffee shops.

Health Improvement

I used to get ill really often when I was working in retail, and it was terrible (who wants to get ill anyway?). I spent quite a fortune on medical expenses and I hated it. Now, my health has improved tremendously, physically and mentally. Truly loving my life!

Relationship Improvement

I hardly had any time to spend with my family when I was working in retail due to the long working hours but now I get to hang out with family and friends all the time (well… most of the time). It is very important for me to spend time with my parents mum (after all, we are not getting any younger! Also, my dad passed away in early 2016).

Personal Growth

I have always wanted to study Psychology and I got the chance two years after I started freelancing. I am taking it slow and steady but I am definitely getting there (in fact, my last semester would be Jan 2018, meaning I would be eligible to graduate in late 2018)! Apart from that, I have learned so much from mentors around the world such as …

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Shelter Humanity



Governments are finding cryptocurrency too mainstream and chaotic to ignore. Government agencies around the globe are targeting crypto investors with taxes, mandatory registration, and full disclosure rules. This new wave is contradictory because privacy and autonomy have been the strongest characteristics of cryptocurrency.

Questions about State Regulation of Crypto Raises

The registration by Australia of 246 cryptocurrency exchanges in April 2018 and January 2019 was praised by observers and exchanges as an indication of the direction virtual currencies are heading with regard to regulation around the globe.

Industry players view regulatory encroachment positively as a step toward respectability. The price that the crypto community will pay to become part of the mainstream economy is becoming more apparent, raising existential questions about its future direction.

Regulations threaten Cryptocurrency Independence on Shelter Humanity

While early cryptocurrency visionaries tried to avoid authority and emphasized freedom, autonomy, democracy, many new movers welcome regulation to address the trust issues that have plagued the industry.

Malaysia, Australia and Japan are just a few of the countries that have used the law to measure the virtual currency’s aspects. It will be interesting to see how much of what made cryptocurrency so attractive continue to be incorporated into mainstream law.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s revolutionary proposal ten years ago stated that the root problem of conventional currency was all the trust required to make it work. Banks cannot be trusted to keep our money safe and electronically transfer it. However, they loan it out in credit bubbles with only a small fraction of reserve. They must be trusted with our privacy and trust them to not let identity thieves drain accounts.” Cryptocurrency is based on trust rather than trust.

Regulators are rewarded with benign offers

While regulation is being introduced with the seemingly innocent promise of innovation support, …

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Coffee pouches



Many people do things they regret later. One of these is consume an excessive amount of energy drinks. They don’t even realize there are monster drink side effects, some that are present within hours of drinking them, some later on in life. Young people turn to energy drinks, whether they have the ‘Monster‘ name brand, or some other product. When used properly, they can give you that boost of energy needed to complete your daily routine, but they are never intended to be consumed in the mass quantities that people do.


Monster energy drinks were never meant to be consumed all day every day. If you are run down from a long day or have trouble getting started, these energy drinks are supposed to wake you up, revitalize your stamina, and help you get the things you need to done. While they are legal to drink, many have mass quantities of ingredients that can be harmful when taken in excess.


Many of the side effects are from the direct ingredients in the drink itself. For starters, there are a lot of carbohydrates. The problem here is that these carbohydrates are not good, because they slow down the absorption of vital nutrients by the bloodstream, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems later down the line. Because they can slow the blood’s absorption of nutrients, it can also lead to malnutrition. Because the body is so busy trying to digest these carbohydrates, fluids that the body needs aren’t absorbed either. Hydration is very important; one of the monster drink side effects is that you feel thirsty, because your body needs fluids. Most people when they feel thirsty, what do they do, grab another energy drink, thinking this is going to hydrate them.However you can try Coffee pouchesby …

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Smokeless nicotine



Law enforcement agencies in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho Friday destroyed more than 200,000 packs of smuggled and counterfeit cigarettes in the battle against the illicit tobacco trade in Vietnam.

The burnt cigarettes, worth over VND1 billion (US$62,309) and bearing the Jet and Hero brand names, came under the radar to be confiscated since last October.


The two brands make up some 91 percent of the illegal cigarettes discovered in Vietnam in recent times.


The move is part of the ongoing campaign approved by the Government to destroy smuggled cigarettes of all kinds and to establish the Industry Alliance Reserve to support the fight against illicit cigarettes, said the tobacco association.


“The policy of destroying illicit cigarettes and establishing the Industry Alliance Reserve has been a breakthrough, enabling businesses to join hands with the Government to clear the local market of illegal cigarettes,” said Pham Kien Nghiep, secretary general of the Vietnam Tobacco Association.


Since early this year, cities and provinces have destroyed illicit cigarettes in large quantities, including Hanoi with nearly 38,000 packs, Quang Tri with 72,000, An Giang with 73,000 and Quang Ngai with 107,000 packs.


Over the past two months, the illicit trade showed little sign of abating along the border line in Long An, An Giang and Quang Tri provinces.


In response, local authorities said that next month, task forces in Can Tho and An Giang would inspect local cigarette retailers and act accordingly against those selling cigarettes without legitimate stamps and seals.


The budget for supporting the fight against illicit cigarettes in 2007 is VND35 billion (US$2.19 million), contributed by members of the Vietnam Tobacco Association.


Officers seize 12000 cigarettes


Thousands of pounds worth of smuggled Smokeless nicotine andcigarettes were discovered during …

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Trading Blog



The price of the digital currency Bitcoin has exceeded $ 200 again, triggering fears of a possible sharp price correction if the development turns out to be a speculative bubble. A Bitcoin (BTC) gained 70 dollars in value in the last two weeks alone and is currently trading at around 210 dollars on the Mt. Gox exchange.


Bitcoin Information on Trading Blog


This brings back memories of an earlier wave of speculation in April that saw the Bitcoin price hit over $ 265. However, the infrastructure of the then largest Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, could not cope with the increased trading volume, which investors perceived at the time as DDoS attacks on the exchange. The soaring was followed by a drop to around $ 150 per Bitcoin, and the price has remained below $ 200 since then.


A price slide also caused the FBI to shut down the drug trafficking platform “Silk Road” earlier this month, where investigators confiscated multi-million dollar bitcoins. In response to this news, the value of a Bitcoin fell by around 15 percent.


The course should recover quickly, however, and the Silk Road closure may even be good reasons for it. “If the decline of Silk Road did anything, it was in favor of Bitcoin,” says Emily Spaven of the Bitcoin news site CoinDesk. “Now that the platform no longer exists, people will hopefully begin to see Bitcoin in a more positive light and appreciate its numerous benefits.”


In addition to a slightly less black market image, the willingness of the Chinese internet company Baidu to accept Bitcoins as a means of payment was probably decisive for the current price increase. Baidu enjoys a similar reputation in China as Google and thus gives Bitcoin considerably more legitimacy. The little-known …

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text message autoresponder


Contrasted to around 22% with e-mail, SMS messages navigate a whooping 98% opened up the price, which suggests you can obtain even more eyes on your advertising and marketing messages. This implies e-mail addresses, names, and also POSTAL CODE. We’ll be enjoyed address your inquiries concerning the brand-new launch very first point throughout our company hrs, Monday via Friday, 9 am – 5 pm ET. You’ll be asked to select your initial context. Additionally, Synchronised Opt-InNew.

Wish to include your client in your SMS listing, e-mail listing, as well as register them for a webinar at the same time? They make use of the Mobile Keywords to obtain individuals to opt-in to their mobile circulation listing. Afterward, utilizing our All-in-One Advertising System, they send Mass TEXT Text once they have constructed a listing of numbers to message. You do not require to knock on their doors or obtain near to anyone, however still maintain the connection. Hereof the checklist in which one is still gaining from is Consistent Call, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Interspire, SendReach, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, iContact, among others.

TextDeliver v2 PRO text message autoresponder provides you Endless clients and also an Automatic checklist Upload. TextDeliver v2 PRO TEXT Autoresponder Software Application is Ideal SMS Autoresponder Software Program That Functions Like An Email Autoresponder however ten times much better From one Control panel with 100% TPCA & CTIA Compliant and also Ongoing Training & Assistance. Being marketed as 100 times much better for TEXT, the attributes appropriate deserve the appearance. This is the 2nd variation with even more powerful attributes.

To get back at much more out of messages, look into just how to arrange TEXT on Android and the most effective solutions that place SMS to great usage. Online companies can obtain many e-mails each day, which …

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2022 Australia Calendars



If you are like most people, you’ve probably grown very comfortable with the credit card that you now carry. This is normal, and I don’t blame you, but it may be time that you consider changing to a card with a lower interest rate. This can be very advantageous to you in many ways. These days the competition is so fierce, that finding a card with a lower rate will be no problem for you at all. In fact most credit card companies are going crazy with their offers of incentives to get you to switch to their cards. You may be worried about your not so perfect credit, but have no fear, because even with spotty credit, you’ll likely still be able to find a lower rate card.


Of course, if you have good or great credit, this will open up your possibilities even further. Just shop around and review different companies. You can save a bundle of money by switching to a lower interest card even if you carry a balance on your current card. I know you want to pay that card off, that’s the goal of many other people in your shoes as well, and you can shave a ton of time and money off of that balance by switching for a lower interest rate. In fact, there are so many card companies that are willing to give you a zero percent interest rate if you transfer your balance, that you’d be a fool not to at least check out your options to be quite frank.


It may be the case that you feel you have no need for switching since you have no problem paying the balance every month now; in fact you actually pay it early. However, what about in …

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Hiab Truck Hire Sydney



HIAB Crane Services has been providing exemplary service since June 1994, and we are proud to have established an invaluable reputation for personal, friendly and effective performance. Our winning blend of value for money, product quality and depth of service has seen our customer base grow and grow. This is no surprise when you take a look at what we are able to offer.


Whether you are looking at forklift truck hire, purchase, or maintenance – our team at Hiab Truck Hire Sydney of skilled and efficient workers will come up trumps for an impressive price. Working from one site, we regularly supply our expertise to a number of commercial transport companies, as well as many industrial and retail firms who seek quality forklift truck solutions to their storage and handling needs.


We offer the best contract rates in the Sydney, for both casual & permanent forklift truck hire. our 24hr, 7 days a week call-out service comes without a call-out charge.


At, Hiab Truck Hire SydneyWe specialise in the following areas:-


Forklift Truck Sales

Forklift Truck Hire

Forklift Truck Servicing

Forklift Truck Refurbishment

Based in Manchester, UK, we now provide our forklift truck services throughout the North West of the country, and can comfortably cater for anyone within a 1½ hour radius of Manchester. Every job we undertake is executed promptly and cost-effectively without technical stringency or overall performance suffering.


If you are looking to hire a forklift truck or take advantage of our forklift truck services please contact us or fill in the callback request on the left.


We will transport forklift trucks to your premises along with a skilled and qualified operator.


Our rates for casual or permanent hire contracts are very competitive and are not fixed but …

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2022 Australia Calendars




Tennis clothes have changed drastically in style, fabric, and color over the last 100 years. The first lawn tennis players in England wore formal attire when playing. Standard tennis clothes for women were full-length dresses. Men wore long pants and formal, long sleeve shirts. The tennis clothes of both men and women were entirely white in color. Contrast this formal style with the tennis clothes worn by the tennis players of today. Visit – 2022 Australia Calendars



Modern tennis players favor synthetic fabrics, more athletic clothing styles, and a greater variety of colors. The evolution of tennis clothes has mirrored the changes in everyday fashion. For example, male tennis players in the 1970’s and 1980’s favored short, tight-fitting shorts and traditional polo shirts. In the late 1990’s and 2000’s, male tennis players began to wear larger, looser shorts and more casual shirts. In addition, female tennis players of the 1970’s and 1980’s favored traditional tennis clothes with an updated style.


Popular clothing included shortened tennis skirts and dresses. Today’s women tennis players wear a variety of tennis clothes, ranging from tennis skirts and dresses to shorts and t-shirts. While tennis players still wear white at more traditional clubs (e. Wimbledon), there is a much larger variety of colors in modern tennis clothes. Another factor contributing to the evolution of tennis clothes is the increased athleticism in the modern game. Tennis is now a high intensity sport, requiring tremendous physical effort and exertion. Tennis players must be able to run, cut, jump, and twist all while executing precise tennis strokes to hit a ball often moving at high speeds. Consequently, comfort is a major concern of players. Modern tennis players prefer tennis clothes that are lightweight, fit well, repel moisture, and are generally comfortable. Read …

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how to kill two spotted spider mites organically


Now that the spider mites are the bigger threats posed to the weed plants, we have to know the organic ways to get rid of such things. It is not possible to eliminate such pests if the weed grower takes no action. Such pests are the ones that can grow in number in some days, and then they won’t be ready to leave the host weed plant at all.

They are the most stubborn type of pests, and it is not possible to do the task of some who doesn’t know how to kill two spotted spider mites organically. It is the reason we have different ways of eliminating them,

Isolate the plant

If the plant shows signs of infestations, it is crucial to isolate that plant right away. It is crucial because if we keep it with the other plants, there may be issues with those plants. It is not acceptable to them, and it is not something that should happen at all. So if we quarantine the plant, there are chances that there would be no issue with that.

Spray water on it

We can’t get rid of the webs and the mites just by keeping them there in isolation. We have to spray chemicals and also water on it. With the best water pressure, we can stop tothe growth of the pests, and they will go away with the water. We only have to turn on the hose or a faucet and then take the pipe to remove the spider mites from that. It will be an easy thing to do, and it is not something that needs a lot too much effort.

Add natural predators to the scene

Ladybugs and parasites in the organic compost can act as the best way to get the …

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