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– Mempelajari Ropes

Minggu lalu kami memulai rangkaian tiga artikel ini yang ditujukan untuk orang-orang yang ingin menjadi pemain slot pro dengan pengantar untuk menemukan kasino online yang tepat dan memaksimalkan bankroll dengan secara cerdas memilih bonus pendaftaran yang tepat. Pada artikel kedua ini kami akan menjelaskan pentingnya mempelajari game.

Menjadi Pro – Mempelajari Ropes

Jika Anda menindaklanjuti saran minggu lalu, maka Anda sudah mulai mencari satu atau lebih kasino online yang menawarkan jenis bonus yang tepat, dan memiliki reputasi yang baik. Sekarang ada satu pertimbangan lebih lanjut.

Operator kasino online paling mapan dan terkemuka akan memilih salah satu dari empat penyedia platform slot online besar untuk menghadirkan slot online terbaik kepada pelanggan mereka. Penyedia ini adalah Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Cryptologic dan Playtech.

Masing-masing pengembang platform permainan ini membuat seluruh jajaran slot online mereka tersedia untuk setiap kasino online yang menandatangani kontrak dengan mereka. Artinya, misalnya, setiap kasino online yang memilih Microgaming sebagai platform slot online-nya, akan memiliki semua slot online yang sama, dan berpartisipasi dalam semua jaringan jackpot progresif yang sama, seperti setiap kasino online lain yang memilih Microgaming. Ini adalah hal yang baik untuk pemain slot pro. Artinya, mereka hanya perlu mempelajari satu pilihan slot online.

Saran terbaik adalah memilih satu platform judi online 24 jam seperti palace303, dan kemudian tetap berpegang pada kasino slot online yang menggunakan platform itu. Selain itu, fokuskan perhatian pada kisaran sempit slot online aktual.

Seperti halnya pekerjaan apa pun, Anda perlu mempelajari keterampilan untuk melakukan tugas sehari-hari yang membentuk pekerjaan itu. Untuk pemain slot pro, ini berarti mempelajari cara kerja mesin tertentu, dan pada tingkat mahir. Pemain slot profesional tahu slot online yang mereka mainkan luar dalam. Menjaga agar pilihan dimainkan seminimal mungkin memungkinkan mereka memperoleh pengetahuan semacam ini

Sebagai pemain slot online profesional baru, Anda perlu berinvestasi dalam beberapa pelatihan. …

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Bet365 have launched a unique and exciting membership scheme under the banner SportsClub365. The scheme rewards members for loyalty and referrals by giving them the chance to win fantastic sporting prizes all around the world. From Grand Prix tickets, to Superbowl. VIP soccer matches with travel and accomodation for overseas winners are also among the prizes. This fantastic scheme launches with Bobby Robson, Ex-England manager, and current Newcastle United manager as its patron.


Bet365.com is the new name in Internet betting, bringing an innovative new service to gamblers in the UK and around the World.


With an unrivalled range of betting opportunities, excellent site design and some of the most competitive odds available, bet365.com stands out as the place to come for online betting. Also, for a limited period, they are offering 50% ‘cashback’ of up to £25 for new customers.


As if this wasn’t enough reason to try bet365.com, SportsClub365 is their flagship venture, offering exclusive prizes and special events for betting clients. Prizes in the coming months will include VIP visits to Manchester United and Chelsea Ligaz888 games. Members will also be given the chance to attend SportsClub365 sponsored events around the world. Overseas winners will be flown to the prize destination and provided with accommodation too!


There are fantastic annual prize draws this year for Superbowl tickets and the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, including travel and accommodation.


The scheme rewards the member for his loyalty in using bet365 as well as introducing new members to the site. Members can improve the prizes and increase their chances of winning by referring new members. The scheme is open to existing and new members all around the world.


With an extensive range of betting options, for both the serious sports fan and …

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Peanuts Per Hand

Let’s use a simple thought experiment and some bar napkin arithmetic to understand something that most poker players overlook. Imagine a full time Texas holdem Poker player in a $10-$20 game. He is dealt a thousand holdem hands every week. He actually plays only 400 of those hands, wins 50 pots and he wins an average of $1,000 a week. Our imaginary player does well. Divide the number of hands he plays into the average weekly win and you’ll get an expectation of just $2.50 per hand played – – peanuts per hand!

Our player is imaginary and there’s plenty of bar napkins so you can juggle the figures any way you want, but you’ll still come up with peanuts. With this in mind, the rest of this page becomes a little more meaningful.

Casino Rake

Casinos and poker rooms either rake each pot or charge the players on a time basis. It’s part of the poker player’s overhead. I prefer a rake. Tight players win fewer pots and pay less rake. Charging the players time costs everybody the same.

The casinos and poker rooms provide us a place to play, security, dealers, a fair game, impartial settling of disputes, and promotions to attract players. Any reasonable rake or time charge is worth it.

Dealer Tokes

I once played in a poker room that did not allow the players to toke the Slot dealers. TIPPING THE DEALERS WAS NOT ALLOWED! There must be very few poker rooms in the world with that kind of policy. It was wonderful!

Tokes are an important part of the dealers’ income and part of the poker player’s overhead. I want the dealers to make their money, but you are playing for yourself. Keep your toking affordable.

Estimating Rake and Toke costs…

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Sbobet Indonesia

Most of the time, if you’ve got a made hand in poker (for example, JT in hold’em and the flop comes JT3), you will bet your hand. If you’re drawing (let’s say you have Q9 against the same board), you may very well decide to check. In fact, checking and calling is the natural thing to do when you have a drawing hand. However, this isn’t always automatic. In limit poker, you’re going to have to bet your draws as well as your made hands sometimes to avoid becoming too predictable. Betting a draw on the flop (or even the turn) is sometimes referred to as semi-bluffing. That is: you would like everybody to fold since you don’t have anything yet, but if you get called you might win the pot anyway by making your hand.

Some people (especially rocks or weak-tight Sbobet Indonesia players) don’t like it when players bet their draws aggressively. They will make remarks like: “Why did you bet? You had nothing yet”. In the game I like best (pot-limit Omaha) you will never hear comments like this. In this game, the big draw is often king; draws are often favorite over made hands on the flop. Drawing hands can and should therefore often be played aggressively. Now, let’s take a look at how to play drawing hands in three of the most popular poker games: limit hold’em, limit stud and pot-limit Omaha.

Draws in limit hold’em.

You may have heard limit hold’em is no drawing game. This is true to a large degree, because it’s harder to draw out in hold’em than in any other game. Most of all, this means hold’em is a kicker game: if you’ve got AK, there’s an ace on the board and your opponent is playing a bad ace, you …

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A word that should not be in any slot player’s vocabulary is “due.” No machine is ever “due.” The RNG constantly cycles and conceivably could pay out two top awards in the space of two pulls, and then not pay another for years.


The only way to even get an idea about individual machines is to “scout” them over an extended period of time. Keep mental (or even written) notes about which machines you and other players seem to win on again and again. Those machines that pay out consistently will be the ones on which to concentrate your play. No, it’s not an exact science, but even a little information can go a long way.


Betting on sports is one of the casinos’ greatest entertainment values, and it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as you might think

Want a bargain? I mean a real, honest-to-goodness, bona fide betting bargain? There aren’t many of them, but one activity in the casino qualifies absolutely.


It’s sports betting.


Casinos ligaz888 prosper because they provide what most consider an equitable exchange of entertainment for expectation, a fair balance between fun and fee. But a true bargain for the recreational gambler? That’s asking a lot. If a game is going a little too easy on the gamblers, the casinos will attempt to nudge up the take. This can be done by changing the odds, changing the payoffs, or raising the limits. But in most cases they’ll opt, instead, to increase the speed of playautomatic blackjack shufflers, multi-race keno, and horror or horrors video Caribbean Stud are prime examples. But this doesn’t work against sports bettors. How do you speed up the Packers/Giants game?


In 1991, I wrote a guest column for USA Today. The premise of …

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“I was ready to celebrate, but then this man Banks appeared in my sight like a kind of blue phantom.”



Even Pele was stopped in his tracks by Gordon Banks, the world’s best goalkeeper in his day, who has died aged 81.


A World Cup winner with England in 1966, he is perhaps best remembered for his wonder save from Pele four years later in Mexico, a stop often dubbed the greatest in football history.


Almost half a century later, Banks’ diving flip to deny the world’s best player is still astonishing in its athleticism, snatching victory from certain defeat, an almost extra-terrestrial action on the football field.


A Goalkeeper With Magic


His nonchalant trot back head down across his goalmouth to defend the ensuing corner shows the other side of his character – a decent, modest yeoman warrior not given to blowing his own trumpet loudly.


In both tournaments Banks was in imperious form and might have won a second Jules Rimet trophy had he not mysteriously gone down with food poisoning on the eve of England’s quarter-final against West Germany.


The fact he was the only Judi Bola Online24Jam Terpercaya player to fall ill, from a suspected contaminated beer, and he was England’s mighty guardian, was very suspicious.


“Of all the players to lose, we had to lose him,” rued manager Alf Ramsey.


To this day no proof of foul play has come forth but rumours abound that the CIA wanted England out so that Brazil would win the World Cup and in its elation the country would not fall to the communists.


Banks was the unlucky hero whose beer was duly poisoned as part of a political game, …

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Situs Poker Online 2021


The term “living legend” is an all-too-frequent and loosely applied expression.  It’s a cliché that amounts to being alive and memorable for something notable, invariably brought about by sheer accident.


Possibly the phrase applies to Dubliner Andy Black, who played a starring role in the 1998 television documentary Million Dollar Deal. Narrated by John Hurt, the programme followed the fortunes of a group of English and Irish players in that year’s World Series of Poker.


Those qho know Andy Black would probably best describe him as charismatic, highly educated, inoffensive, and popular. In retrospect, they would also use the words skilful and successful.

Relatively unknown on the European circuit, the Belfast-born player has been around poker for some considerable time, an amazing 19 years, to be precise.


Like many things in his life, poker came about by accident, but was soon studied with the intensity and passion of an adolescent teenager in receipt of his first pornographic publication.


“I started playing cards when I was 7 with my mum,” explained Black, who is now approaching his 40th birthday. “As for poker, that began in 1986 while I was studying for a law degree at Trinity College in Dublin.


“It was at the Merrion Square Casino, then called the Griffin, where I played my first game of poker. I arrived with no money but was encouraged by the initial free entry and, more importantly, the free coffee and sandwiches. After all, I was a poor broke student.”


With poker, free food, and coffee abundant, Black eventually obtained a law degree but never went on to prosecute a shoplifter or defend a pensioner accused of smoking in a public house. “With a little more study, I could still become a lawyer,” he added in an …

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It has been a low-key start to the 2014 K-League season. Blame the Winter Olympics and the controversy surrounding Queen Yu-na Kim being awarded the silver medal to a local Russian skater despite most thinking she deserved to win. And then there was a big national team game away in Greece and then the 32nd campaign of Asia’s oldest professional league got underway. It started as the 2013 campaign finished with a late goal settling affairs between Pohang Steelers and Ulsan Horangi.


Readers will remember (how could they forget?) how Pohang scored in the last minute of the final game at Ulsan to take the title from their despondent hosts who had been five points clear with two games remaining. That day, Kim Shin-wook was suspended and went pitchside to celebrate for the final seconds only to arrive just as the Pohang end of the stadium was going crazy.


Three months on, he scored the only goal of the Dominoqq game to give the Tigers a winning start. It was a deserved win. Fans at the Steelyard, still celebrating their unlikely title win, got a reminder that Pohang may not be out in front this season after not strengthening, perhaps even becoming weaker over the winter.


FC Seoul fans know the feeling. Despite a classy win over Central Coast Mariners in the opening round of the Asian Champions League at the end of February, the club got a glimpse of life with stars Dejan Damjanovic and Ha Dae-sung, who moved to China at the start of the year. Seoul, who were beaten finalists in the 2013 Asian Champions League, lost 1-0 at home to Chunnam. Seoul habitually are slow starters and don’t have the best of records against the Dragons, one of the league’s smaller side, but …

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Qiu Qiu



At one time or another, we all make a mistake of gargantuan proportions. When the wife asked for a potential destination for a short trip, I foolishly answered ‘France’. I completely forgot that the place was almost exclusively full of the French.


As soon as we arrived I appreciated the gravity of my error, as the locals made absolutely no effort to speak any English. It appeared that they hadn’t been informed of our arrival.


The language barrier actually led me to be being Qiu Qiu deported. I popped into a café, but I didn’t fancy eating any strange French food such as ‘frites’ or ‘saucisses’, so I helped myself to a biscuit from behind the counter.


The owner went ballistic and called the police, and I was on the next plane back to England. I still feel embarrassed about being kicked out of Europe thanks to a simple ginger nut. Liverpool fans share my pain, they should console themselves with the 7/4 for a win over Birmingham.


The police were on the ball over there though, unlike their English counterparts. When a French person is reported missing, their filth launch an immediate search; but the Manchester police haven’t even begun their hunt to find poor Wayne. United are winless (and goalless) on their last six visits to Stamford Bridge, I’ll struggle to find a better bet than Chelsea at 6/4.


The North East of England is the one place on Earth that’s actually worse than France. The locals are equally as undecipherable, and they take up twice the room. 15/8 is absolutely massive for a Newcastle win over West Ham.


The North East does have its redeeming features; it remains a Redknapp-free area. Harry’s decision to stay in Portsmouth was warmly …

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situs slot



Terrible’s Weekly Offers Best Ad Value, Dominant Circulation in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV (August 27, 2003) — Since 1937, savvy marketing has ensured a reputation for Herbst Oil of being a “terrible”, tough competitor. So it should come as no surprise Terrible Herbst is turning the tables on casinos that have no alternative than to dump millions of dollars into advertising to lure local players. Starting October 12, they’re creating their own media and getting more than $1 million in free advertising in the process.


Terrible’s is launching “Terrible’s Weekly”, a weekly magazine targeting their own customer base — 1,000,000 locals that patronize Herbst’s growing chain of convenience stores, car washes, and oil change shops. To motivate their “retail” customers to play at Terrible’s five casinos and patronize its slot alcoves Herbst within major grocery stores around the city, Terrible’s will hand each customer a full-color tabloid-size magazine filled with what customers say they want: TV listings; notice of upcoming local events; a recap of significant news; and, easy-to-achieve player rewards. The magazine will be free of charge.


“We’ve been printing a coupon booklet for members of Terrible’s situs slot Players Club, putting them in racks in our stores and mailing them to members,” said Mark Sterbens, General Manager of Terrible’s Casino. “When Avid Media came to us with a proposal to convert our booklet into a full-fledged magazine and putting out a new edition every week, it was a no-brainer to execute a long-term deal with them.”


Las Vegas-based Avid Media publishes Lake Mead Magazine, Hoover Dam Magazine, Lake Powell Magazine, and other lake-related annual visitor guides, with a combined readership of 2.6 million readers. Publishing Terrible’s Weekly makes Avid Nevada’s largest weekly publication serving residents.


“Terrible’s achieves a true competitive …

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