Peanuts Per Hand

Let’s use a simple thought experiment and some bar napkin arithmetic to understand something that most poker players overlook. Imagine a full time Texas holdem Poker player in a $10-$20 game. He is dealt a thousand holdem hands every week. He actually plays only 400 of those hands, wins 50 pots and he wins an average of $1,000 a week. Our imaginary player does well. Divide the number of hands he plays into the average weekly win and you’ll get an expectation of just $2.50 per hand played – – peanuts per hand!

Our player is imaginary and there’s plenty of bar napkins so you can juggle the figures any way you want, but you’ll still come up with peanuts. With this in mind, the rest of this page becomes a little more meaningful.

Casino Rake

Casinos and poker rooms either rake each pot or charge the players on a time basis. It’s part of the poker player’s overhead. I prefer a rake. Tight players win fewer pots and pay less rake. Charging the players time costs everybody the same.

The casinos and poker rooms provide us a place to play, security, dealers, a fair game, impartial settling of disputes, and promotions to attract players. Any reasonable rake or time charge is worth it.

Dealer Tokes

I once played in a poker room that did not allow the players to toke the Slot dealers. TIPPING THE DEALERS WAS NOT ALLOWED! There must be very few poker rooms in the world with that kind of policy. It was wonderful!

Tokes are an important part of the dealers’ income and part of the poker player’s overhead. I want the dealers to make their money, but you are playing for yourself. Keep your toking affordable.

Estimating Rake and Toke costs…

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