Link Alternatif Sbobet

Does it really make sense waiting for that slight aberration (winning) in blackjack since it seldom happens? It all balances out in the end; the casino beats me out of all my money, and I go home with lasting memories of what could have been. Paul S.

Yes, Paul, casinos can and do wait for things to balance out, but you can’t. Besides, a single player winning any amount of money against the house is insignificant to the casino’s big picture. While you are playing and winning at blackjack, hundreds of other patrons are in the casino playing blackjack and losing. We should also not forget the myriad of losing gamblers trying to seek their fortune at slots, video poker, craps and roulette.


You need to recognize a winning trend when it occurs and seize on the opportunity that it presents. But the other face of the coin is this: when you identify an adverse run, get up and walk. Then you will not suffer a greater loss than you should when those cards turn. And turn they will.


Nick the Greek is credited with saying; ” The next best thing with playing and winning is playing and losing.” I say; “When you grace the casino’s Naugahyde with your tail end, why settle for the second best.” In the event that you get a chance (winning trend) at beating the casino, load, aim and fire.


Dear Mark,

What are you thoughts on Link Alternatif Sbobet systems? James L.


My first response would be, NO, I do not believe in systems. But that is not quite true when it comes to my own modus operandi. I believe in the system of “don’ts.”


Don’t bet over your head but only with what you can afford to lose.…

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