Bet365 have launched a unique and exciting membership scheme under the banner SportsClub365. The scheme rewards members for loyalty and referrals by giving them the chance to win fantastic sporting prizes all around the world. From Grand Prix tickets, to Superbowl. VIP soccer matches with travel and accomodation for overseas winners are also among the prizes. This fantastic scheme launches with Bobby Robson, Ex-England manager, and current Newcastle United manager as its patron. is the new name in Internet betting, bringing an innovative new service to gamblers in the UK and around the World.


With an unrivalled range of betting opportunities, excellent site design and some of the most competitive odds available, stands out as the place to come for online betting. Also, for a limited period, they are offering 50% ‘cashback’ of up to £25 for new customers.


As if this wasn’t enough reason to try, SportsClub365 is their flagship venture, offering exclusive prizes and special events for betting clients. Prizes in the coming months will include VIP visits to Manchester United and Chelsea Ligaz888 games. Members will also be given the chance to attend SportsClub365 sponsored events around the world. Overseas winners will be flown to the prize destination and provided with accommodation too!


There are fantastic annual prize draws this year for Superbowl tickets and the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, including travel and accommodation.


The scheme rewards the member for his loyalty in using bet365 as well as introducing new members to the site. Members can improve the prizes and increase their chances of winning by referring new members. The scheme is open to existing and new members all around the world.


With an extensive range of betting options, for both the serious sports fan and …

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A word that should not be in any slot player’s vocabulary is “due.” No machine is ever “due.” The RNG constantly cycles and conceivably could pay out two top awards in the space of two pulls, and then not pay another for years.


The only way to even get an idea about individual machines is to “scout” them over an extended period of time. Keep mental (or even written) notes about which machines you and other players seem to win on again and again. Those machines that pay out consistently will be the ones on which to concentrate your play. No, it’s not an exact science, but even a little information can go a long way.


Betting on sports is one of the casinos’ greatest entertainment values, and it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as you might think

Want a bargain? I mean a real, honest-to-goodness, bona fide betting bargain? There aren’t many of them, but one activity in the casino qualifies absolutely.


It’s sports betting.


Casinos ligaz888 prosper because they provide what most consider an equitable exchange of entertainment for expectation, a fair balance between fun and fee. But a true bargain for the recreational gambler? That’s asking a lot. If a game is going a little too easy on the gamblers, the casinos will attempt to nudge up the take. This can be done by changing the odds, changing the payoffs, or raising the limits. But in most cases they’ll opt, instead, to increase the speed of playautomatic blackjack shufflers, multi-race keno, and horror or horrors video Caribbean Stud are prime examples. But this doesn’t work against sports bettors. How do you speed up the Packers/Giants game?


In 1991, I wrote a guest column for USA Today. The premise of …

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